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Advisory Boards Group is your trusted Partner in Risk Management, Cyber Security Education and Strategy innovation

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Strategy innovation

Implement innovative strategies

Grow Your Business

Take the Company to the next level of growth with your Advisory Board

Cyber Assessments

Understanding the Terms Relating to Cyber Security

Manage Risk

Manage Risk, Opportunities and introduce top Corporate Governance

Cyber Security Courses

How to stay Cyber Smart on a Board?

Cyber Risk Workshop

Learn how to calculate your cyber risk and how much to invest in cyber defence

Cyber Education Courses

Learning about your risk exposure, consequences of breaches as well as the measures for defence is the first step

Cyber Security and Privacy for Directors A Cyber strategy starts in the Boardroom. Cyber Strategy and Cyber risk mitigation cannot be treated as an IT matter only. The risk stays with the Board, as the consequences can be catastrophic.

Cyber Risk Workshop Learn how to calculate your cyber risk and how much to invest in protecting yor organisation

Cyber Security for CxOs and IT Managers Your CxOs and IT Managers will be the first people to devise the tactical plans to defend the organisation against cyber attacks. You must involve them and consult early.

Book an Advisory Board or a Mentoring Package

An Advisory Board will help you in the areas your organisation struggles, will work with you to grow the business, or turn it around. You can choose the advisors or allow us to help you select a skills matrix based Advisory Board.

What are Advisory Boards
Why Use an Advisary Board
Who can use an Advisary Board

Advisory Boards are groups of individuals appointed to offer expert advice to the CEO, MD, Owner or elected Board

Price: they cost significantly less than the majority of elected Boards.

Any Company can use Advisory Boards; whether it is an SME [small to medium sized enterprise] or a large company.





Advisory Boards Group offers Education, Consulting and can assemble professional Advisory Boards from a selected database of top directors.

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