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Advisory Boards Group is your trusted Partner in Cyber Security Education, Governance and Risk Management

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Register for upcoming webinars orignised by Diligent with Monica Schlesinger and Steven Bowman

Part 1: Where should cybersecurity “live” and why? - Wed, 26 July 2017 2pm AEST

Part 2: The five top questions Directors should ask to understand the cybersecurity risks their organisation is facing - Wed, 16 August 2017 2pm AEST

Part 3: Ensuring cybersecurity is embedded into your culture - Wed, 12 September 2017 2pm AEST

Cyber Security Courses

How to stay Cyber Smart on a Board?

Cyber Assessments

Understanding the Terms Relating to Cyber Security

In the Cyber security for Directors and Officers, participants will learn about the existing threats, they will learn how to identify the directors obligations in the corporate governance context, discuss the cyber risk and what questions they should ask at the board level. They will identify the measures they need to take in the short term, medium and long term and will create a cybersecurity strategy tailored to their own organisation and context.

Cyber Security Courses:

Cyber security & Privacy for Directors and Officers

Cyber threats and defences – tactical plans

Risk management workshop for Cyber

Cyber crisis simulation

The presenters are experienced directors and executives with many years of experience.

Marianne Dunham MSTC, LLB, Mediator, Barrister/Solicitor Vic
Executive Positions: Principal at Dunham Legal (Commercial and IP Law) Director: SQUIZZ P/L, The Melbourne Athenaeum

Dr Bernard WongPhD PMP FAICD B Sc, M Com, LLM
Executive Positions: Adj Prof. Sydney University, CEP Denbigh International, Member ISO Adv. Board PMI, Chairman The CEO Institute, Executive Director Code, Mentor/Consultant BlackCitrus Director: Global Recordings Network, Urban Treasure Property P/L, Enterprise Strategy Consulting, Information Professionals, Member Governing Council Apex Institute of Higher Education

Monica Schlesinger FAICD, MEng. equiv, B Eng, PMP, TAE40110
Executive positions: Principal at Advisory Boards Group International ( Managing Director at Espace Publishing (, Specialist Advisor Therapeutic Goods Authority (TGA) Current Directorships: Australian Pharmacy Council (APC), Medical Software Industry Association (MSIA), Sydney City Institute (SCI), Foundation for Australian Agricultural Women (FAAW), Espace P/L & Advisory Boards Group International Chair: Sydney City Institute (Board Chair & Chair FARMS Committee)

Cyber security governance assessments

in cooperation with Conscious Governance

Our Cybersecurity Governance Systems review is a comprehensive independent review of Cybersecurity from a governance and Board perspective, including the organisation’s cybersecurity framework, policies and processes, Board compliance responsibilities and strategic cybersecurity issues that directly affect the governance of your organisation.

This review not only provides a detailed report on all relevant aspects of cybersecurity governance systems and relevant operational activities (eg insurances, processes etc), but also provides recommendations for improvement.

This Cybersecurity Governance Systems review provides insights into cybersecurity and its relevance and impact on the Board and senior executives, and practical strategies and tools to improve the process, the decision making, and the obligations of the Board and senior executives in relation to cybersecurity.

In addition, this process provides practical recommendations for action, and support to the Board and senior staff in achieving the necessary changes. This is an incredibly powerful process.

Manage Risk

Manage Risk, Opportunities and introduce top Corporate Governance

Cyber Risk Workshop

Learn how to calculate your cyber risk and how much to invest in cyber defence

Risk management

Advisory Boards Group has significant expertise in implementing Risk Management Systems in SMEs, at all the levels of the corporation, efficient processes and policies that give the CEO and the Board visibility and early warning about Extreme risks. The framework introduced will help the company manage its risks and assess opportunities in a dynamic and efficient manner.

The risk management systems are based on International standards (ISO 31000, ISO 4360 and ISO 9001). They also align to a level 3 CMMI.

The implementation also covers a risk workshop with the board of directors and departmental managers.

Cybersecurity risk workshop

The current online environment mandates that corporations actively manage cyber risk. Unlike other risks that allow time to prepare a response, cyber attacks can have a devastating impact in a short span of time. In order to understand the exposure, the mitigation strategies and implement tactical plans, executives must map their surface area of attack, understand the attack vectors and have a clear mitigation plan if the It systems are breached.

The workshop will help executives understand where and how to allocate budget, how much to invest and in what areas and capabilities.

Participants will be able to assess their own organisational risk exposure and gain clear understanding of the major areas that require investment.

Strategy innovation

Implement innovative strategies

Grow Your Business

Take the Company to the next level of growth with your Advisory Board

Boards and Executives are tasked with the creation of a Strategic plan every few years. Even when they are moderated, they are rarely yielding a strategy that will take the company to the next level.

To create a truly innovative strategy, a board must go into a Strategic workshop with the full knowledge of the environment in which the organisation operates, with sufficient preparation and knowledge of their SWOT analysis, risks and opportunities and above all, build innovation in this strategy process.

To create more value, different offerings, products and services, they need to look laterally, at complementary industries and organisations and know how to go to market with these ideas.

Book an Advisory Board or a Mentoring Package

An Advisory Board will help you in the areas your organisation struggles, will work with you to grow the business, or turn it around. You can choose the advisors or allow us to help you select a skills matrix based Advisory Board.

What are Advisory Boards
Why Use an Advisary Board
Who can use an Advisary Board

Advisory Boards are groups of individuals appointed to offer expert advice to the CEO, MD, Owner or elected Board

Price: they cost significantly less than the majority of elected Boards.

Any Company can use Advisory Boards; whether it is an SME [small to medium sized enterprise] or a large company.





Advisory Boards Group offers Education, Consulting and can assemble professional Advisory Boards from a selected database of top directors.

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